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Ian taking his shirt off: 4x08 / 4x11

Mickey tracing that spine with his finger though

Terribly sorry, I know this is going off topic, but I can’t stop laughing at the fact the Gallagher’s can barely afford milk half the time but Ian has Calvin Klein underwear. 

I couldn’t believe it either at first, I had to open the gif in a new tab and put the zoom to 400 to read it properly (FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES K GUYS?!) but I figure it was from some older guy Ian was partying with/staying with before Mickey came to get him.

Ian could also have bought them ridiculously cheap at a bargain/goodwill store. There are so many ways to get “name-brand” clothing and accessories without paying an arm and a leg for it.

I’m never surprised at any of the expensive stuff that may show up in the show with the unlikeliest of characters. There’s nothing you can’t get if you know how to hustle. 

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Évolution inversée

these dont even look like him

Well, when Picasso was starting out, cameras were becoming really popular, and traditional portraits of people were becoming really obsolete because of this. So a lot of painters at this time were trying to figure out how to keep people’s attention (this is how we got the impressionists and popartists). I’m pretty sure the story goes that Picasso went to some museum or show that displayed art from different countries and he was absolutely fascinated by the harsh angles and exaggerated features African masks. So he took inspiration from that and began to work on his own style- Cubism.

And there’s your art history of the day ^.^

The African masks were a huge inspiration for him, but so were artists like Cézanne, who did a sort of pre-Cubism thing, the results of which can directly be seen in Picasso’s early cubism. Cézanne, in turn, was inspired by Japanese art that was just making its way to the West…and of course Japanese artists who were discovering Western art for the first time thought Cézanne was the biggest bee’s knees to ever bee. Or have knees.

So basically rejection of Academy realism/the general Academy system + beginnings of photography (thus inspiring a “new realism”) + influx of “new” (to the West) styles of art from Africa and Japan + the era’s fascination with anything “modern” —-> the Impressionists —-> Cézanne the bamf —-> Japanese artists who worshipped at the altar of Cézanne the bamf and then, in turn, continued to influence Western art through the infleunce of Eastern-inspired Western art seen from an Eastern pov —-> evolution of artists like Picasso —-> to surrealism, even though Picasso never really considered himself a surrealist per se

Um. That was probably way more detail than anyone needed.

Y’all pretty much just read a summary of my bachelor’s thesis. Congrats.


Anonymous asked:

I love your Sexual Harassment fic! Would you personally consider what's conspiring between Ian and Mickey actual sexual harassment?

Thanks for the love!
There’s definitely a reason behind the title of the fic, but that’s for later *hint*spoiler*hint*.

I don’t think what’s currently happening between Ian and Mickey in the fic is harassment in the least. They’re both consenting adults (emotional morons, sure, but fully consenting emotional morons.)

Office romances can be beyond tricky tho and potential absolute disasters. Worse, if the boss is involved? …Sticky.
If it’s a redheaded boss? Fuggedaboutit.


Anonymous asked:

Do you think you'll post what you've written on the two Naruto fanfics you're working on as you go along or wait until you have several chapters written?

I have a couple chapters for them, but I don’t want to post them yet, since I’ve been burning all my writing time on Shameless lately. I don’t want to put up my new Naruto stuff only to leave them without updates while I wait for my motivation to return.

It’s terrible, I know, but I haven’t re-established an equilibrium yet. I’m in my honeymoon phase with a new fandom and it’s hoarding my energy and muses. I’m so sorry, I feel so bad for making my Naruto readers wait. >.<

I will post them tho, hopefully sooner rather than later. I need to get my shit together and regulate.

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